FIPROS offers a shared economy of services

At FIPROS, our entire business concept is built on shared economy. We want to be an attractive partner for our customers, ensuring mutual respect and a good balance in all business matters. We are offering our processing equipment and know-how, which benefits our customers and the environment in the following ways:

  • Instead of numerous companies building and running their own processing site, perhaps not running at full capacity, these companies can outsource their production to FIPROS, thereby considerably saving money, time, and resources.
  • We lower the entry barrier for young start-up companies to test-run and start their production. Without risking investments and possibly unused machinery.
  • The risk of unused processing equipment is eliminated. Free capacities at FIPROS can immediately be utilized by other customers.
  • We are continuously making improvements towards exclusively operating with highly efficient, energy and water saving equipment, reducing waste, CO2 emissions and pollution to a minimum and promoting sustainable packaging. By offering safe, efficient, and well documented food manufacturing, using modern, resource saving and worker friendly processing equipment, we can make sure that the goods of our customers are produced in the most responsible way possible.
  • Benefiting from our many years of experience, we share our knowledge and advise our customers on the most efficient and sustainable processing method and packing option for their product. In doing so, we considerably contribute to creating responsibly produced goods.

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