Increasing particle size by pressure

Compacting is the process of increasing the particle size of a dry material by applying pressure. The material is pressed between two opposed, counter-rotating rolls, making particles uniform, larger, denser, and often stronger. FIPROS operates with a BEPEX compaction plant with a capacity of about 70 kg per hour. The BEPEX roll compactor is a briquetting and granulating system using high pressure agglomeration. It uses dry granulation to handle particularly fine and often highly aerated particles. In the process, the particles are pressed into larger, cohesive masses with controlled densities, which eliminates the need for a liquid binder and the following drying or curing step otherwise required in wet agglomeration.

Eases handling and further processing

The purpose of compacting is to make the food easier to handle, store, transport, or use in further processing. It can also increase the shelf life of certain food products by reducing their exposure to air and moisture. Compacting produces particles of a specific size, density, strength, and dissolution rate and is therefore suitable for dusty products with small particle sizes that are difficult to dissolve and where a better dispersibility and solubility is required. Compacting also reduces the volume of fluffy materials with a high air fraction by removing air and de-dusts fine powders for more efficient, convenient, and safe handling.

Ideal for self-dissolving drinks, powdered sugar, or de-dusting of material

At FIPROS, we use compacting for example for the production of sport drinks and dietary supplements that need to be dissolved in water, for powdered sugar or to de-dust extremely dusty products to ease further handling.

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