Fluid Bed drying

Drying, agglomerating, or adding flavour or colour

The FIPROS fluid bed dryer is used for drying granular or powdered materials such as for example powders for beverages, sugar replacers, soups and sauces or whey proteins. It is also used for spraying particles with water, lecithin, oils or other liquid before drying in order to add color or flavor, or to agglomerate small particles into larger granules or pellets, before drying them.

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A uniform and effective drying process

Fluidbed drying is a method of drying solids by passing hot air or gas through a bed of solid particles, causing the particles to become suspended and behave like a fluid. Hot air or gas transfers heat to the particles, evaporating the moisture and drying them. The vibratory movement of the process distributes material at the same height above the drying bed ensuring uniform drying to a specific moisture content.

FIPROS offers continuous fluidbed technology from SCANVIBRO (GEA), with a capacity of up to 320 kg and a maximum temperature range up to 120 °C.

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Versatile and gentle

The Fluid Bed can handle a wide range of materials, particle size distributions and material cohesiveness. The drying temperature, air velocity, and residence time can be easily adjusted to accommodate different materials and achieve the desired moisture content. It is ideal for removal of surface and bound moisture in powder, crystalline or granular materials or to add color or flavor.

Fluidbed drying also helps maintain the integrity and quality of the dried product. The gentle handling of particles in the fluid bed dryer ensures minimal product degradation and preserves the desired characteristics of the material.


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