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Innovation lies in our DNA

At FIPROS we love solving problems and finding individual solutions for our customers. This is what drives us in our daily work. Since 1992 we have developed a wide range of processing and packing solutions and are constantly on a mission to optimize and expand our existing technologies. This passion to improve and to find solutions to the trickiest processing challenges is an essential part of our company’s culture.

All of our employees have well-founded know-how in their field and can give thorough advice throughout the process of developing, testing, upscaling and running the processing of new and/or innovative products. If FIPROS cannot offer the necessary processing equipment to solve a production task, we are happy and flexible to find a solution. We are also open to installing new or additional technologies, if the new business case presents interesting opportunities. Throughout this process we put special emphasis on entering into a trustful partnership with our customers, where a good balance and reciprocity in all business agreements lay the groundwork for long-term growth. We solely focus on process innovation, not product innovation, and can therefore guarantee hundred percent confidentiality in regards to recipes and product specifications.

Do you have a new manufacturing project in the pipeline but have not found the right processing solution yet? Then get in touch with us!

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