Various packing lines for one gram to 12 kilo packaging

FIPROS offers a range of tailor-made packing solutions for units from less than one gram to 12 kilos. Our Seven different packing lines offer flexible packing in sachets, sticks, doypacks, form fill bags, cans, glasses, bottles and more. FIPROS also takes care of secondary and tertiary packing in displays, cartons and boxes and can advise on the most suitable packing technology, material and form. We can take care of the material purchasing. All packing lines are installed in rooms with dehumidification systems and controlled air in-and outlets, preventing the absorption of moisture and cross-contamination.


Doypack Line

Our Doypack packing line offers a very flexible application of different packing sizes and materials. It can handle liquid, powdered and granulated food and operates with pre-delivered doybags. It has a filling capacity of 1,5 kg (density 0,7) and can add N2 / co2 gas mixtures to reduce o2 content and thereby extend shelf life.

Doy bags have an excellent standing capacity and ensure a strong shelf presentation with attractive printing and practical resealing options. They also offer numerous material options, such as multi-layered laminate with excellent barrier properties and recyclable, more environmentally friendly options.


Sachet Line

FIPROS offers two sachet lines for a flexible application of packaging sizes and materials.

Our Volpak line is ideal for small and medium dosed sachets. It can fill powder products with a maximum filling capacity of 150 grams.

Our Enflex line is particularly suitable for high and slim sachets. It can fill dry powders and granules and also has a maximum filling capacity of 150 grams.

For both filling lines, N2 / co2 gas mixtures can be added to reduce o2 content and thereby extend shelf life. The sachets are typically sealed on three sides and offer a good (shelf-) presentation and attractive printing options.


Stick Line

Our packing line for sticks offers a very flexible handling of different stick sizes and designs. It is particularly suitable for liquid products. Interchangeable machine parts allow for customized opening designs like easy opening properties. N2 / co2 gas mixtures can be added to reduce o2 content and thereby extend shelf life. Sticks offer an attractive packing option with good shelf presentation and practical handling and consumer designs.


Cans, bottles and glasses

Our Trepco line is an individual, optimized solution for filling cans, bottles, glasses or similar with dry or liquid products and a maximum filling capacity of 1,2 liters. N2 / co2 gas mixtures can be added to reduce o2 content and thereby extend shelf life. The containers that can be used at our Trepco line offer easy and attractive labelling options for good (shelf-) presentation.



Our Miele line for form-fill-seal pouches offers very flexible handling of packing sizes and materials. Bags can be formed from preprinted film ready for the retail shelf or from plain film. Plain film is particularly suitable for the food service sector and presents an economic option and a low entry barrier for start-ups or small-scale productions.

The line is applicable for powdered and granulated food with a maximum filling capacity of 12 kg. N2 / co2 gas mixtures can be added to reduce o2 content and thereby extend shelf life.


Semi-automated packing

Our Mateer line is a smaller, semi-automated packing machine for dry and granulated/ powdered products, perfectly suited for test runs and small-scale productions. It offers very flexible packing possibilities and enables packing in for example bags, pouches, bottles, cans or buckets.

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