Spray drying
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From fluid to powder by water evaporation

Spray drying converts a liquid raw material into a powdered product by water evaporation. FIPROS operates with two Anhydro spray dryers with a capacity of up to 700 liters of water evaporation per hour and two storage tanks of 40.000 liters. The centrifugal atomizers (type Anhydro CF 250) and spray nozzles of our dryers create a fine mist which evaporates almost instantly in hot air, leaving behind a fine powder that is ready for further processing or packaging.

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A gentle process preserving flavour and nutrients

With spray drying, almost any pumpable liquid can be converted into powder on a large-scale level. It is a very gentle process, that minimizes heat exposure and damage to the product, thus preserving its original taste, flavor, color, and nutritional characteristics. The fine particle size obtained during spray drying improves the solubility and dispersibility of the product, making it more readily dissolved in liquid. Particle size, density, and moisture content can be controlled by adjusting drying parameters, atomizer configuration and material properties, allowing for the customization to specific requirements and ensuring consistent quality and uniformity from batch to batch.

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Milkpowder, natural colours and more

Our two different spray dryers are suitable for different applications. Whereas one is particularly suitable for drying milk-based products, the other spray tower can handle materials such as natural colors, bacteria, or malt extract powder.

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