Multiple bagging and de-bagging options

FIPROS offers bagging and de-bagging of goods by using modern equipment, including robots.

Two bagging lines provide for bagging in paper, plastic, and aluminum bags of up to 30 kilos. The plastic bags are heat sealed and the paper bags have a heat sealed plastic-coated inner liner. The outer bag is folded and glued. For products that require extra protection, we offer heat sealed aluminum bags.

In the de-bagging process, the material is re-packed into big bags of up to 1,000 kilos.


Arodo Bagging with various dosing units

Our Arodo bagging machine is a PLC-controlled bag filling machine for powdered products, with a pickup mechanism that takes the bag step-by-step from station to station. It offers various dosing units depending on the product and fills into industrial paper and foil plastic bags that can be supplied as readily delivered paper bags as well as rolls of foil plastic and pre-print foil.

The bags have a maximum format of 600x1000 mm and a maximum filling capacity of 30 kg. Vacuum bagging is possible.


BTH Bagging with ready bags

Our BTH bagging machine can bag multiple types of dry products into industrial plastic or paper bags and works exclusively with ready bags. The bags have a maximum format of 600x1000 mm and a maximum filling capacity of 30 kg.


De-bagging with robot technology

By using robot technology, FIPROS can de-bag products from bags into industrial bigbags. Bigbags enable an easier, more automated, and thus more efficient production process and protect employees by eliminating heavy lifting. The bigbags have a nylon exterior and poly-coated interior or sealed interior poly bag and come in various sizes and shapes.

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