Dry blending

A homogeneous blend of dry powders

Dry blending is the process of mixing dry powder ingredients into a homogeneous blend. During the blending process, the dry particles a swirled around at high-speed resulting in a homogeneous dry material. FIPROS offers three Nautaconical screw mixers, a Ruberg vertical twin-shaft mixer and a Uniballmixer tumbler. All blenders are equipped with liquid dosing systems to spray oil or water to enable agglomeration and de-dusting of powders.

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Ruberg Vertical Twin-Shaft Mixer

Our Ruberg vertical twin-shaft mixer, with a capacity of 1,5 m3, offers a three-dimensional rearrangement of dry material. Its clockwise driven spiral tools create a spiral upward movement on the peripheries of the container and downward flow in the centers combined with horizontal cross flows.

The Ruberg blender offers a very effective and yet gentle blending process that ensures maximum homogeneity. It is very suitable for more robust material and can be used for a combination of heavy duty and very gentle mixing tasks. It also includes an advanced technology for spraying oils and emulsifiers.


Nauta Conical Screw Mixer

Our Nauta Conical Screw Mixers, with a capacity of 3 m3 and 8 m3 consist of a conical-shaped vessel with a large diameter screw that runs through the center. The screw is designed in a helical shape, which creates an upward flow of material as it rotates. The rotating action of the screw lifts the materials from the bottom to the top of the vessel and then allows them to cascade and blend back down into the center.

The advantage of this design is that it provides excellent mixing of the materials while minimizing the formation of lumps and avoiding product degradation. The vertical arrangement also helps to reduce the mixing time and to achieve a uniform blend. The Nauta Conical Screw Mixer is particularly recognized for its low-intensity, gentle mixing of more sensitive powders and granules.


Uniball Mixer Tumbler

The Uniball Mixer Tumbler can be used for a range of products from powders to mixing bigger particle sizes and fluids. It has a capacity of 225 liters and a load capacity of 60 to 100 kg, and is particularly suitable for small-scale or test productions.

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