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At FIPROS we have many years of experience in ensuring highest food safety and quality standards throughout the entire production process. All our employees are trained in the general understanding of hygiene and food safety and in applying the most appropriate cleaning and control methods and tools.


HACCP analysis

The Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points is the fundamental discipline of all food processing. Our competent HACCP team representing multidisciplinary skills has systematically analyzed all processes and identified oPRP’s (operational PreRequisite Program) and ​CCP’s (Critical Control Points). Both new and existing processes will be reviewed to ensure continuous improvement and utilization of the most updated preventative measures to avoid physical, chemical, and microbiological contamination.

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​Trained operators

All operators are systematically trained and instructed and will qualify through a detailed competence matrix system to work independently within defined areas of processing and cleaning. Holding an official Hygiene Certificate is a requirement and will be supplemented with a FIPROS specific hygiene test twice a year. Furthermore, external instructors are in collaboration with all operators reviewing cleaning methods, tools, frequencies, and agents every second year.

Allergen Management

Allergen Management

The design of our production sites with a separate production room for each process equipment builds the basis for our well implemented allergen management system. All products are labelled with specific content of allergen and this is mirrored at boards outside the production room. Our internal hygiene regulation is centered around the need for separation including frequent change of clothes, hygiene sluices etc. Finally, cleaning procedures are in place to eliminate the risk of carry-over/cross contamination including ATP-tests of surfaces after wet-cleaning.

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Environmental testing

All air in-let is filtered through minimum F7 filters to ensure a clean production environment. Air, surfaces and drains of every single production room are tested quarterly to secure that the base level of yeast, mould or microbiological species is below specified limits to avoid risk of contamination.


Digitalized documentation

An advanced digital system with employee specific tablets ensures documentation of all preparational and production steps and allows for continuous process control and end-to-end traceability in compliance with current food standards and regulations. This documentation includes photos of all items identified as oPRP’s and CCPs and verification of wet-cleaning of critical cleaning points with ATP.

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We are certified according to FSSC 22000 (includes HACCP), AOESC, GACC and FDA with the possibility to produce organic, gluten free, kosher or halal certified products. Based on our implemented, certified quality procedures we guarantee compliance to customers recipes. Compliance to specification and declaration is ensured through the proper selection of raw materials from approved suppliers.

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