Reducing the particle size of various food ingredients

Milling is a process that decreases the particle size of a product by performing many separate, small cuts. The milling cutter is a rotary cutting tool with multiple cutting points. Milling produces a homogeneous product with an even particle size distribution where shell parts are removed and sorted out and fiber is broken down releasing flavor and aroma. Milling eases further processing, improves nutrient intake and creates a better mouth feel. FIPROS operates with two different mills designed for different milling requirement.

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Alpine Zirkoplex Mill

The Alpine Zirkoplex Mill is a type of impact mill used for the fine grinding and classification of dry bulk materials. It can be universally used for materials up to a Mohs harness of approximately 3,5 and offers excellent precision of cuts, steep particle size distributions and a versatile range of product fineness’ levels. It is known for its high performance, reliability, and versatility in producing a wide range of particle sizes with precise particle size distribution.

The Alpine Zirkoplex Mill is especially designed for processing adhesive products that tend to deposit, such as cereals, fibers, starches or proteins. It can mill most dry substances into very fine end products ready for further processing or direct consumption.

Hosokawa Alpine Pin-Mill

The Hosokawa Alpine Pin-Mill is a mechanical impact mill used for fine grinding and pulverizing of a wide range of materials. It operates on the principle of impact and attrition, where particles are subjected to high-speed impact by rotating pins and collide with each other and stationary grinding pins. This results in the reduction of the particle size and the generation of a fine powder or granular material. It operates with lower temperatures of 30 -60 °C and is therefore particularly gentle.

The Hosokawa Alpine Pin-Mill is specifically tailored to the requirements of particularly sensitive raw materials of smaller volumes and produces particularly fine grounded products. It is often used for milling particularly sensitive superfoods such as berries or ingredients for self-dissolving drink powders. It can also be used to mill salt or sugar into powdered sugar.

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