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Dry Blending

Dry blending is the process of mixing dry powder or granule ingredients into a homogenous product. FIPROS offers a Ruberg Vertical Twin-Shaft Mixer, three Nauta Conical Screw Mixers, and a Uniball Mixer Tumbler. All blenders are equipped with liquid dosing systems to spray oil or water to enable agglomeration and de-dusting of powders.

Application areas - Ruberg Vertical Twin-Shaft Mixer

The Ruberg vertical Twin-Shaft Mixer offers three-dimensional rearrangement of powder and granules and is a very effective yet gentle blender that ensures maximum homogeneity. It is best suitable for more robust material and can be used for a combination of heavy duty and very gentle mixing tasks. It has an advanced technology for spraying oils and emulsifiers.

Application areas - Nauta Conical Screw Mixer

The Nauta conical screw mixer is particularly recognized for its low-intensity, gentle mixing of more sensitive powders and granules and can treat bigger quantities than the Ruberg Mixer. 

Application areas - Uniball Mixer Tumbler

The Uniball Mixer Tumbler can be used for a range of products from powders to mixing bigger particle sizes and fluids. It is particularly suitable for small-scale or test productions.

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