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Arla Foods Ingredients is a subsidiary of Arla Foods, the biggest dairy company in Denmark with activities all over the world. Arla Foods Ingredients develops and manufactures whey and milk based ingredients for the food industry. FIPROS supports Arla in the blending and bagging of Arla milk-powder and other niche-products and helps the company in numerous smaller processing projects. 


Dairy of 1888 group is founded by the Them Dairy, that was established in the year 1888 and produces danish dairy products. All milk comes from danish organic farms. At FIPROS, we carefully blend their milk-powder and pack it into cans, sachets, and pouches.​

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De Danske Gærfabrikker is owned by the Canadian company Lallemand, one of the world’s biggest yeast producers, and produces yeast and bacteria by applying market-leading technologies and solutions. FIPROS supports De Danske Gærfabrikker by spray drying, blending and bagging their yeast products.

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​​Fayrefield Foods is a danish company with offices all over the world that produces milk-based ingredients, functional blends, cheese and butter to the food industry. FIPROS blends the Fayrefield milk powders and takes care of the bagging of the product. 


Harboes Bryggeri A/S is Denmark’s third largest brewery that sells beer to more than 90 countries all over the world. Harboes also produces soft drinks, energy drinks, juice, water and malt-based drinks. At FIPROS we spray dry Harboe’s liquid malt extract into malt powder and take care of the bagging of the ingredient.


Maurten AB is a Swedish company that produces sport fuels by encapsulating high concentrations of carbohydrates in hydrogels. We have been at Maurtens side from the development and launch of the new product in 2017 until now, where Maurten hydrogels are a big success. FIPROS is processing and blending the ingredients, fills the gel into sticks  and sachets and prepares the product to be dispatched to customers all over the world.


Funktionel Mad ApS is a part of the Norwegian company Funksjonell Mat and produces the sweetener Sukrin, as well as several other products. FIPROS agglomerates and blends their raw materials and fills the ready products into Doybags.​

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Eurogum A/S is an independent danish manufacturer of Carrageenan and Alginate products, formulating and composing recipes for various applications. Its products add value to processed meats, desserts, confectionary, dairy and a wide range of other products. FIPROS supports Eurogum with the milling, blending and bagging of their products.

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Thise Mejeri is Denmark’s second-largest dairy. It solely produces organic dairy products and is owned by its cooperative members, the farmers. FIPROS takes care of the blending and packing of Thise milk-powder into bags.


Rawfood.dk ApS is a Danish company that produces and sells premium plant-based vegan supplements and foods, amongst others under the brand name Plantforce. Their products are designed for the health-conscious consumer who is looking for natural ingredients. At FIPROS we blend their products and pack them into doypacks and cans.


Puori is a Danish company that produces health supplements made of only natural ingredients. The product portfolio addresses nutritional gaps in the modern diet. At FIPROS we carefully blend their products and pack them in doybags and bottles.


Protein Baker produces gluten free and protein rich baking mixtures that offer consumers a lower content of sugar, fat, and calories. FIPROS blends the products and packs them into plastic cans, ready for the retail shelf.

EASIS is Europe’s leading company producing sweets without added sugar. EASIS produces everything from chocolate, cookies and cakes to sweets, juices, ice-cream and breakfasts. FIPROS compacts, blends and packs EASIS products into various consumer packaging. 

Procudan is a danish company that is an expert in ingredients and packaging for food and works close with its customers to develop the right solutions for quality products. FIPROS assists Procudan in the blending and packing of its products. 


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​FIPROS A/S is a contract manufacturing  partner for food and food ingredient ​producing companies worldwide.​

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