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Transporting milk powder safely with the Movigo Robotics Sharko 10

​Our Movigo Robotics Sharko 10 is an industrial pallet transport AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) to support the internal logistical processes at our FIPROS Nutrition production site. It replaces the use of a manual pallet truck and navigates completely autonomously to transport bags with raw materials out of the warehouse into the sluice to the production area.

Our advanced sluice system enables safe transition of raw materials, people, items, and packaging materials from one zone to another. The Sharko robot takes the bag with the raw materials into our “Clean Cargo” sluice, where it is cleaned by air impact of 25 m/seconds and UVC disinfected with a rate 750 J/m 2 for 10 minutes. According to our Production Manager Benny Lauritzen, “The Sharko robot perfectly complements the rigid hygiene concept we are following at FIPROS Nutrition. Using a robot for this process minimizes the risk of contamination through human interaction and facilitates a smooth and efficient production flow, so that we can meet the high requirements of our customers to receive outstandingly safe products.”

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