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​At FIPROS, we work systematically and purposefully to follow a good corporate governance and to meet our own standards and the increasing expectations in producing goods and conducting business in a responsible way. Whilst we are striving to minimize the negative social and environmental effects of our business, regionally as well as globally, we are at the same time realizing what opportunities we have as a company to make a positive impact for the people and the environment around us.

Words mean nothing without action. Therefore, we are leaning on three out of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals to give us guidance and a frame to turn our ambitions into meaningful actions.

​Read here about the three goals we have selected and how we are working on becoming more and more sustainable, day after day.

Regional responsibility

FIPROS is firmly anchored in its local community. Located in the small town Sønderby on the island of Funen in Denmark, FIPROS is one of the most important employers in the area. FIPROS A/S, as well as the newly built production site for FIPROS Nutrition ApS, create employment for about 100 people from the region. We want to take responsibility for employees and citizens and ensure a strong and credible image locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally complying with all agreements, rules, and applicable legislations.

FIPROS also engages in and sponsors local activities such as sport events and local celebrations, participates in the development of young people and supports charity initiatives.


Fipros A/S 

Rybergsvej 1, DK-5631 Ebberup 

Tel: +45 64 74 22 88 

Mail: fipros@fipros.dk 

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​FIPROS A/S is a contract manufacturing  partner for food and food ingredient ​producing companies worldwide.

We offer our customers a variety of different servies, amongst others:​

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